About company
The "Magic Factory" studio was founded in July, 2019. We've come a long way over the course of this year, and we were able to not just build a studio, but achieve our first results
Studio Manifesto
Game engines are coming to replace the old time-consuming 3D animation with its endless renderings and manual labor. Simulation, physics, and real-time rendering are here to make high-quality sophisticated animation production cheaper and faster.
Our projects
Our pilot project is an animated series for kids "The Secrets of the Honey Valley", made for "Soyuzmultfilm". The release of the first season on Russian TV (10 episodes, 7 minutes each) is scheduled for September 5th, 2020. "The Secrets of the Honey Valley" is a detective series for children from 5 to 9 y.o.
On the shore of a picturesque bay lies a small cozy village - The Honey Valley. Charmingand adorable animalslive in this village. Their life is easy and unhurried. But even in such a quiet and peaceful town, accidents do sometimes happen. And then the best detective, Sophie the owl, and her faithful and tireless assistant,the little squirrel Chink, come along and take matters in their own "hands".
Characters from the series "The Secrets of the Honey Valley"
Squirrel Chink
Assistant detective
The owl Detective
About the production
When thinking about the production technology of the series, our team was faced with a choice: either to use traditional programs or explore new developments. The game engine Unreal Engine 4 by Epic Games was chosen as the foundation for the pipeline. What appealed to us, was the flexibility of the engine, the chance to make animation production as interactive as possible and, at the same time, take advantage of high-quality real-time rendering with fine-tuned lighting characteristics
Editor of emotions
The IDE built into the engine allowed us to instantly create differentutility and editing software.
Character animation
Character animation is performed using the motion capture system, which is built right into the game engine. For this, a special setup was created based on the equipment for virtual reality HTC VIVE PRO, on Xsens suits, additional sensors, gloves, utilities and plugins.
Working with actors
There are three phases of the work with actors.
First, the actors perform a specially designed set of exercises and pieces of training to simulate the movements of drawn characters. Through this training, they get used to completely new movements and "flowing" from a pose to pose.
Over the course of the second stage of preparation, the actors get used to their new bodies with the help of virtual reality. While in a virtual space, in front of a virtual mirror, the actor sees not his real body, but the body of the character. He develops the character's physicality - the poses, gestures, movements that open the character up.
Phase three is a rehearsal. It's the more common studying of the role with specific tasks in scenes.
After that, the actor is ready for the film set.

An actor studies the movement of an animated character.
The world of the series is assembled as a single game level, which gives directors the ability to instantly move to any place they want inside this world.
The Director of Photography works with a virtual camera on set.The movements from the camera are transmitted to the game engine in real time. A tablet mounted on the camera rig allows the DP to control what is happening in the virtual world of the series.
Film editing process
Editing of the finished series is done in the sequencer, which makes it possible to make editing changes to the content at any stage of production.
Configuration set-up of the aerial perspective and atmosphere in Detective Sofie's office
Configuration set-up of light beams in Detective Sofie's office
The use of NVIDIA Quadro RTX8000 video cards made it possible to fine-tune the light, create an aerial perspective and atmosphere not only in the exteriors, but also in the interiors of the project.
Our plans
We are currently working on the second season of the "Secrets of Honey Valley" series.
Our young audiences have truly fallen in love with the characters. We have decided to move forward with that franchise and launched the "Golden Hive Mystery" feature film. Detective-owl Sophie and her assistant, Chirp, the squirrel, must prevent a disaster looming over Honey Valley.
"Golden Hive Mystery" Trailer
We have also launched the production of a sci-fi feature film "Formula for Water." The film takes place on the planet Erea, where all of the lands are submerged in the ocean, life has moved to floating Islands, piracy is flourishing, and drinking water has become a currency. A traveling circus troupe tries to save the planet using the knowledge of the ancients.
"Formula for Water" Trailer
Our team
The "Magic Factory" studio has brought together highly qualified professionals from the fields of animation, film and video games. Thus, we were able to get the best out of each of these field and create an effective pipeline.
And that's not all
We have created a number of large VR and multimedia projects:
Is a unique multimedia park in which our visitors are going to spend unforgettable hours surrounded and accompanied by characters of the "Soyuzmultfilm" studio.
Entirely new format of a museums that combines the latest VR technologies together with real historical background. The concept of the museum is to send the visitors back in time to participate in real historical events.
This contemporary art gallery provides artists with the creative laboratory of audiovisual practices and visitors with an attraction of a new emotional experience. A place of a new different perception of art based on the concept of involvement and interactivity.
«YOLO» (You Only Live Once)
Virtual adventure to the world of "The Garden of Earthly Delights" - a triptych by Hieronimus Bosch
Virtual reality project based on a play by the British play writer Sarah Kane in the collaboration with AES+F art group
A performance based on Salvador Dali's artworks
Lika Blank
CEO, General Producer
Sergey Demchev
CEO, Managing Director
Yaroslav Kemnits
CEO, Art Director/Creative, Ph.D. in Art
Russia, Moscow,
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Sergey Demchev
General Management, Recruiting
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Creative Manager, Research & Development
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Line Producer
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